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Goddess help me, I only ever get to Chapter Three

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Yay for fandom! [Jul. 28th, 2006|02:14 am]
Goddess help me, I only ever get to Chapter Three


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Fandom: Ghostbusters
Rating: PG
Style: romantic comedy (gah- never thought I'd write of of those)

notes: A not too Mary Sue start to a fic. I love experimenting with Lucy- I made her up one day while tinkering with the 3rd script idea and she has since popped into every GB fic I write!

Lucy Greenwood dumped her hand luggage on the floor by the armchair, asking for a martini from the barman on the way. The flight from London to New York had been nothing short of exhausting; hopefully a little gin and some vermouth would wash the memory away. 16 hours, half of it turbulence, a panicking flight-fearing woman in front praying to Jesus out loud and a large German man of questionable hygiene behind her. Lucy exhaled dramatically but smiled warmly at the barman as he served her drink. “Happy to be back on the ground?” he said genially. Lucy nodded and rolled her eyes.

Out of the bar window she could see the autumn sunshine soaking JFK into a late afternoon bath. The trees glowed like flares in their lingerie of orange leaves, even the cabs seemed to fit in with the colour scheme. Lucy sat finishing her drink and thought, for the hundredth time that day, about what to expect in her new job.

After just graduating from the London Psychical Sciences University last month, Lucy hadn’t even considered how to kick-start her career. She’d planned to travel a little and explore a few dream cities before deciding on anything, but a late night browse on an internet message board for paranormal enthusiasts had seen her make friends with a scientist in New York City.

They became close online after a huge subject thread about emotions affecting the outside environment- her and ‘Weird_Science’ had been the only ones to back it up. Weird_Science turned out after a few months to have a real name- Egon Spengler. Finding out her internet love object was a Ghostbuster wasn’t the most exciting thing about that turning point email either: it was the fact that an entry-level position was opening up in the faculty he worked with in New York.

She had all the qualifications and a great deal of understanding for the things the board allowed investigation of, and Egon had told her that if she accepted the position he would vouch for her professionalism and make sure she settled into the new city. Lucy had been breathless, from the click of the reply icon to the moment the plane hit the tarmac. The stage was set. She had a promising career in a new city and a seed of a real relationship. She didn’t expect anything from Dr.Spengler- their relationship had always been platonic. But he was a Ghostbuster, and so was her high school crush.

The door of the bookshop tinkled as Peter stepped quickly inside, a small party of dead leaves following at his heels. “Man, that wind is pickin’ up.” He said, shaking of his coat.

“Hi Pete, how was your show today?” Ray replied, handing change to a customer. Venkman sidled up to the edge of the counter.

“Well, there was a huge shortage of reality involved- I had a woman who claimed to have slept with a Sasquatch, and some guy who said Superman was real and was his grandfather.”
Ray chuckled. As the customer left the shop, Ray followed behind and flipped the closed sign to face the street.

“Closing up early huh? Good- I’m starving.”

“I’ve got to meet Egon at the Plaza hotel,” Ray said, emptying the register. “A friend of his is coming into town from London and he wants her to meet me. Why don’t you come? They have food at the Plaza.”

Peter smiled. “Ray, you can’t afford to buy me dinner at the Plaza. We’ll just get a hot dog on the way.”

“So who’s this woman?” Peter continued as they walked along the windy avenue, finishing their hotdogs.
“Just a friend I guess,” Ray shrugged, scanning the lanes for a taxi.
“Hm. Maybe Egon’s got a secret lover..!”

Ray hailed a cab and they climbed inside. “Plaza hotel thanks Pal. I dunno about that. If he did he’d tell me- he’s always going on about Janine and I keep telling him, find another girl.”

“Well, she dumped him pretty hard.” Peter replied, picking at the torn edge of the cab’s old seating. “I know what that’s like.”
Ray smiled and slapped Peter on the shoulder.

“Cheer up Pete, maybe she’ll take a liking to you.”

Peter grinned. “It’s been known to happen. Hey- maybe she’ll take a liking to you!”
Ray laughed bluntly. “That’s something that hasn’t been known to happen.”
“Aw, come on, all the girls say what a nice guy you are.”

“That’s just it,” Ray explained dryly, “They think I’m ‘nice’. They never think I’m-”
“Say it Ray.” Peter goaded, “Say it. C’mon, you can do it. They never think you’re-?”

He left the statement hanging, as though waiting for Ray to fill in the ending with an answer he didn’t like the sound of. Ray sighed and scanned the streetscape absently before forcing out the single word. “Sexy.”

Peter patted his shoulder. “I knew you could do it.”

“Maybe she won’t like either of us.” Ray said, changing the subject back, “I mean, just because she’s a girl and we’re guys doesn’t mean she has to be attracted to us.”
Peter shook his head and grinned at his friend. “You got a lot to learn about chicks, Ray.”

In the bar of the Plaza hotel, Egon Spengler sat deep in conversation with a woman with long hair and glasses. Her hands moved animatedly as she talked, narrowly missing the edge of her martini glass as few times. Egon listened intently, replying whenever she stopped to breathe.
“Well it’s certainly an interesting theory, Egon said as Lucy paused, “but without proper testing it lacks any standing within the scientific community. If funding for this sort of work weren’t so shaky-“

“I know, it’s ridiculous!” she replied, getting into stride again. “Some of these old boys in charge of handing out the money just don’t get it, I mean, time to move on you know? Get some new ideas, put the books away and feel it for a while.”

Egon nodded politely. Sometimes he wasn’t exactly sure what Lucy was saying, she seemed to go into metaphors whenever she had finished thinking but still wanted to talk.

“Oh, your friends are here.” She added absently, checking her purse, “I’m gonna get another drink, you want a refill?”

Egon glanced at his almost full Whiskey and shook his head. “I think I’ll wait till the sun goes down.” he said. ‘How do you know my friends are here?”

Lucy paused. “I don’t know, did I say that out loud?” she said, frowning at the floor. She shrugged. “Oh well, maybe I meant to say something else and it got confused with things I was thinking about. I think I’ll try a Zombie next, this place has everything!” Lucy turned and made her way to the bar in a lively manner, cringing inside about what a failure she was at talking to people face to face.

God, I’m way too over cheerful, she thought to herself, leaning against the polished wood of the bar, he must think I’m an idiot... The barman appeared and she tried not to think about it. Maybe another cocktail would help…

“Hi Egon.” Peter grinned, sliding into the booth. Ray slid in after him.
“Hello Peter, Raymond.”

“Where’s your friend?” Ray asked, looking around.

“She’s at the bar. Getting another drink.” He raised his eyebrows at the three empty cocktail glasses on the table.

‘Thirsty girl.” Peter noted. “A drink sounds like a good idea though. Get us a beer would you Ray?”

Ray smirked. “And a peeled grape for your majesty also?”

“No, just a beer.” Peter replied, nudging him out of the booth.

Lucy was on her way back to the table when she saw Ray Stantz coming toward her. She buried her head in her bag, pretending she was too caught up in searching for something to see anyone. She wanted the meeting to be proper- formal even.

I can’t believe I’m about to meet the Ghostbusters! She thought, grinning inwardly. I wonder if they’re all here?

“It turns out you were right, my friends were here.” Egon said as she returned. “Lucy, this is Peter Venkman.”

Peter looked up and blinked a little in shock. Lucy was, at first glance, very good looking. At least, that’s what all the boys had told her. The girls however, all said she wasn’t that much if you stared long enough. Her large round wire framed glasses shadowed her grey eyes with a slightly rosy tint; her black hair fell down around her face with a straightness that looked almost scientifically calculated.

Her smile though, her smile she was proud of. It wasn’t a superstar grin- no perfect white pearls. Just love. Her father had said it was full of sunshine, her teachers told her it was full of wisdom. Peter saw both of these things (though it didn’t register). He held out his hand for Lucy to shake as she sat down.

“Pleasure.” he said simply, turning on the charm.

“You’ve got no idea.” Lucy repeated, setting her drink down and shaking his hand firmly. ‘I’ve been ranting to Egon since I got here about how excited I am. Probably his ears will fall off soon. Ghostbusters. I’m meeting Ghostbusters!”

Peter grinned and let a small appreciative laugh out.

“Sorry, I’ll stop worshipping you stupidly now.” She murmured, taking preventative measures against more talking by swallowing a large mouthful of her drink.

Ray slid Peter’s drink onto the table and looked up from his own glass to sit down- and froze. The whole room melted away, the sounds in the bar turned off like someone setting a bell jar over the whole world. Lucy stared back at him, lost in her own bell jar. Ray Stantz… her brain whispered, turning the name over and over like a snowball in a gloved hand, forming the shape, smoothing the sides.

“Ray, this is Lucy. Lucy- Ray.” Egon’s voice floated somewhere in the depth of the silence. Ray was vaguely aware of it, vaguely aware of something in his brain shouting at him to stop staring like an idiot. Peter’s advice from so many years ago floated in after it. “Play it cool man, chicks can smell fear.”

Ray coughed slightly to jump start his mind and smiled broadly. Lucy felt a flush rise in her cheeks as if she’d just been dipped in lava. She breathed out loudly.

“Hot.” Lucy blurted, and then covered the statement by fanning herself with the coaster. “In here, I mean. It’s an honour to meet you, Dr. Stantz. I’ve been waiting for you. I mean- for this. This meeting. Because you’re a Ghostbuster, and- that’s good. I mean, I want to be one. Well, maybe, I’ve got to study first…”

She bit her lip as a desperate attempt to stop it moving and frowned madly at the table top. Fortunately, Ray hadn’t come to his senses enough to register what a disaster Lucy’s first sentence had been. He was too busy watching the way her cheeks pushed her glasses frames when she smiled.

“Likewise.” He stated automatically.

Peter raised his eyebrows in mock surprise. “Really? You never told me you wanted to be a Ghostbuster, Ray. You should’ve said- I could’ve arranged it.”

Ray frowned slightly at Peter’s wisecrack.

“Are you going to sit down?’ Peter added. Ray looked around and realised he was still standing.

“Ah- yeah, sure. Why not.” He slid into the booth next to Lucy, who felt sure her legs had stopped working.

“So.” Peter said, trying to steer the conversation into something stunned fish would find easy to navigate. ‘How was your trip? From London wasn’t it?”

Lucy nodded mutely and took another large gulp of her drink. “Too many bloody tourists on the plane though,” she added, “All yelling at each other in their native language. I managed to catch a bit here and there- Spanish mostly, some Russian- it actually became quite amusing after a while, though I think I’m a bit rusty, I couldn’t figure out why the Russian couple wanted to dance with a tomato.”

Ray laughed, and Lucy smiled, trying not to blush again.