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Goddess help me, I only ever get to Chapter Three

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[Jan. 20th, 2007|07:04 pm]
Goddess help me, I only ever get to Chapter Three


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My God, she updates! Well, I'm trying to make an effort to pay more attention to my non-fandom creative endevours.

Here's a short biographical list of characters and events that I've been working on in regard to a book called An Illustrated History. It centers around two or three different families in a Magic world, and the events that they are involved in. Some entries are short, others longer, depending on how much has come out of my head.

It'll be all sexy bound and full of cool photos and drawings, with shiney bits and fold out maps and all that neat stuff- like the Dragonology etc books, only mine will look more authentic, like something from Flourish and Blotts.

Some notes, if you see any mistakes in here, family tree mix-ups, timeline clashes (if you're that good) etc, please let me know. Oh, and I recently learned (much to my annoyance) that there are already bloodwolves in fandomland, one is a book of that title and one seems to be something to do with WoW. Buggers. I may change it, or I might just leave it and the lawyers can take me on if they have issues.

I'm sure there are other things in here that already exist (feel free to point them out), but I thought of them independantly, so nyeh. Also, feel free to point out anything daggy/cliche etc. I will not hurt thee.

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Edward Fox - A great showman from an ancient vampire family. His father Ichabod is said to be the illegitimate grandson of the Bloodwolf Queen Sellis and this is where Edward gleaned his love of the bizarre. He found great celebrity amongst the Living with a series of freak shows and later psychic phenomenon.

His talent was the real thing, but he loved the thrill of the stage so much that he relied more and more on stage props and trickery. Eventually he was uncovered and he returned to his home in the Darkworld to become a lecturer at the Academy.

Physical attributes: Tall, rather barrel chested, blonde/grey hair in pompadour style and beard. Look-a-likes: Kenny Rogers (70s).

Lady Selma Sidgewick (Fox) - Wife of Edward Fox and daughter of infamous Billy Sidgewick- the highwayman turned politician. Selma met Edward Fox while working as an assistant to a great Living magician (Valentine Lovelock- see below). Lady Selma was society’s darling until it was revealed that her considerable income did not come from her brief stage career but was comprised largely of the takings of her father’s robberies.

Lady Selma barely leaves the house- the combination of her three daughter’s ill fates and her maligned relationship with those her father robbed, putting her in a mind that there were plots to have her ‘done in’. She was born amongst the Living and to this day has avoided becoming undead. In her later years she developed a strong friendship with Georgina Sopgate.

Physical attributes: Average height, slightly overweight, pale blue bouffant hair in the stle of 18th century ladies.

Valentine Lovelock- A travelling magician and contemporary of Edward Fox. He came to Fox’s part of London with his assistant and soon-to-be wife Selma Sidgewick. Fox took umbridge at Lovelock encroaching on ‘his turf’ and approached the man to ask him to move on.

Selma fell in love with Edward on that night and left Valentine’s show. Valentine responded to this by quitting showbiz, turning sceptic and debunking popular stage shows and psychics, concentrating most of his efforts on Fox. This put him in heavy debt however, and he left London to wander aimlessly.

Physical attributes: Tall, thin build, dark long hair tied in a bow low on the scalp, pointed well-trimmed beard and moustache, grey eyes, lots of tattoos, slightly out of fashion clothing. As he ages he gains a tired and haggard appearance.

The Fox Sisters – Astoria, Coriña and Hannah, daughters of Edward and Selma Fox- all vampire. The oldest of the three- Astoria- went mad after her father tired to have the gypsy’s turn her into a man so that she might inherit the business, and was institutionalised as a teenager in a London Asylum after attacking a policeman.

Coriña married the notorious businessman Jacob Barberry and bore two children before dying of exposure to the sun. Hannah Fox was attacked by a Bloodwolf. She took the name Slithe and was a personal guard for Queen Sellis until her death at the hands of her niece Elludia.

These unhappy fates lead rise to the story that the sisters were cursed as children by a travelling magician after they made fun of his ragged appearance- some versions of the legend suggest it was Lovelock, wandering in search of Selma and cursing the girls on learning who they were.

Elludia Barberry- Daughter of Jacob Barberry and Coriña Fox. An unwanted child given to the gypsies of Red River when she was 5 years old. A great gift for stealth and thievery saw her become popular with her new family, and she lived wild and happy until her 15th birthday, when her Aunt Astoria, who still resided in the Asylum in London, killed herself and came to Elludia as a spirit contact.

Astoria’s spirit told Elludia that she must leave her gypsy camp and seek her fortune with the pirates of the Silver Sea. Against better judgement, Elludia did so, and found great alliance with them, particularly the female crew under Mother Meg Cutlass (see below) who specialised in boarding wealthy vessels.

At age 25 she lead a loyal crew on her own ship- the Gypsy- against the invasion of Canon Port. This was so successful that she caught the interest of Queen Sellis who was campaigning for rule of Pesgore, in what would become the Seven Swords war. Elludia resisted the Queen’s attempts to have her join her side, and while running from her guard one night in Pesgore met Vincent Crane, a renegade swordsman also running from allegiance.

Vincent and Elludia travelled for many years, pirating the rich and bringing social justice to the poor. Their crew were largely made up of people who had been for one reason of another rejected by society, giving them the name The Dregs. When Vincent was captured by Queen Sellis, Elludia bowed to her and joined her ranks in an effort to save Vincent.

She succeeded, and killed Sellis in a final battle. In retaliation, the Queen’s Head Guard attacked Elludia’s sister Hannah and transformed her into the new Bloodwolf queen, forcing Elludia to pay a high price for her quest to destroy the Bloodwolf tribe.

Physical attributes- Black hair (cut off short when she joins the pirates), blue eyes, pale skin, medium pear shape build, shortest of the sisters.

Prescott Barberry- Father of Jacob, Henry and Roderick Barberry, uncle to Elludia. Though he had a strict Puritanical personality, he somehow overlooked it when things of a business nature were involved. Fearless in pursuit of gold, he dealt not only with respectable merchants but also with pirates, Bloodwolves and vampires.

His dealings were to be the death of him however, as a late-night meeting with vampires turned violent and he was attacked. Prescott went into hiding and became a total recluse within his house, ashamed of what the news would do to the family name. The condition took hold quickly (some say because of the poison already in his heart) and he fled to the Midnight Valley, in the hope that a tribal race of peaceful vampires who lived there would save him, as it was rumoured they had the power to revert the condition.

In return for their help the vampires asked Prescott to travel through Ravaged Wood (the border between their valley and the Bloodwolf mountains) to retrieve the Mooncalf- a sacred being who’s blood, willingly given, was critical in the magic that would reverse the vampire condition. While searching, Jacob met Cadafare (the angel born from the Babylon Kiss) who granted him assistance in finding the Mooncalf if Jacob could convince the King of the Dragons to refuse allying with the Bloodwolves.

Jacob Barberry- Father of Elludia and husband of Coriña Fox. Jacob Barberry was the product of an imbalanced upbringing- his father Prescott was ruthless in business and alienated everyone in the family excepting Jacob, to whom his felt a natural inclination to. Although both Henry and Jacob worked in the shop as youths, their father’s favouritism of Jacob led to him taking on the family business. He ruled it as well as his father had taught him until the advent of the Seven Swords War, when Debtor’s Week saw him close the shop and re-open the next month as a collector of over-due funds.

Henry Barberry- A merry lad much favoured by his mother because of his gentile ways and shunned by his father for the same reasons. Henry wasn’t inclined to business and though he worked at the family store after his education was completed, his heart was never in it. Soon after the start of the Seven Swords war he married his sweet-heart, the daughter of a merchant family who supplied some stock to the business.

Barely a month into the marriage however Henry left the business, claiming they were losing money and that only Jacob had the talent to revive it. His wife was furious and almost left him, but her father received a large inheritance and invited them to rejoin the family in their new home.

The marriage was saved, though from that time on Henry was rather ostracised by his wife until he returned to business making swords under the apprenticeship of the blacksmith Obsidian Fonte. The war had made weapons forging a profitable business. Henry despised the work, preferring instead to make more peaceable items. When Obsidian returned to the seas with Mother Meg Cutlass, Henry stayed on and turned the trade to pots and pans.

Roderick Barberry- Youngest of the Barberry boys, he suffered great prejudice under the tyranny of his father, who feared that he would turn out weak like his older brother Henry. Roderick (or ‘Roddy’ as his mother called him) was sent to a Russian Hunters Academy in his early years in the hope it would toughen him up, however it only served to give him a vicious streak that (combined with the hatred of his father’s coldness) made him perfect fodder for Bloodwolves. At the beginning of the Seven Swords War, Roderick purposely allowed his horse to lead him into the Bloodwolves territory so that he might be attacked and join their tribe.

Selina Barberry-(‘Lady Luck’)- A bounty hunter turned pirate under the captaincy of Elludia, on the ship the Gypsy. Selina grew up the typically only child, alone in her fantasy world of sword and sorcery despite her mother Georgina’s constant insistence that Selina would become a lady and not an adventurer.

Georgina plotted with Lady Selma to raise Selina as a lady of society- even handing her over to be raised as a ward- but Selina, who despised her mother’s lust for money and fame, refused the training, running away from Fox Manor at age 13.

Her adventure saw her take work at a tavern until her 16th birthday, when her father, (travelling with the blacksmith Obsidian) stopped in on rumour that she was there. He tried to convince her to come home, but Selina insisted that her future as an adventurer was in her heart. Henry gave her some gold and left her be.

Selina left the tavern not long after and joined a caravan of gypsies, only to be separated from them at the next village when a band of Diabolos (ruthless bandits possessed by evil) attacked the settlement. She helped the bounty hunter Cazar Diego capture the Head of the gang and from then on they formed a partnership, travelling across the land.

Three years later they were separated in a village during a battle, and after suffering a near-fatal blow to the head Selina was carted away to saftey by the crew of the Gypsy- Elludia’s gang. Suffering amnesia from the blow to the head, Selina wrongfully pieced together that she was an outlaw running from Diego.

Elludia, not knowing that the girl was her cousin, took pity on her alone in the world (perhaps seeing a similar fate as hers) and invited her to become a pirate on her ship. Selina agreed, and they gave her the name Lady Luck because of her fortunate escape.

After some time aboard the ship Selina fell in love with a street merchant she intended to steal from, and married him, bearing two children- Lucy and Alice. The couple bought a tavern (Herne’s Hounds) and throughout the years built up a customer trade of spirit fighters, mages, bards and other people of a good nature. They became well known for hiding persecuted people and families of those on the run from debtors.

They were also known for their keeping of the Old Ways- a traditional religion of the area outlawed by King Salamandos. It was this reputation that lead to the concealment of an aging Diego who was hiding from a group of Diabolos- Deuce put him up in the stable for fear his pursuer’s would find him, and when Selina came to give him supper he recognised her.

Selina hid the history between them from Deuce, convincing him to take Diego on as a stable hand, since he could no longer work as a bounty hunter because of his age and would be safe at the tavern. Deuce agreed, and though Selina was never unfaithful to her husband the three lived in peace for some time. Deuce eventually became jealous of the natural close nature between his wife and Diego and the fear of infidelity poisoned his heart, turning him cruel and violent.

Physical Appearance: Medium height, slim build (growing softer in later years) short blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin. Wore a lot of jewellery during her pirate years and has three large scars on the left side of her torso from a narrowly escaped Bloodwolf attack.

Georgina Sopgate- notoriously beautiful daughter to Jonathan and Lena Sopgate, the renowned paper merchants. She is a simple girl with a taste for men who would take care of her as well as her father did when his business was in its prime.

Shortly after her father was ruined, Georgina sought out alternative means of financial wealth and married the amiable Henry Barberry, who luckily had fallen in love with her the day he visited their paper-making business.

After the almost break-up of her marriage and it’s consequential saving by a rich relative’s death, Georgina settled into a life of society, becoming especially close to Selma Sidgewick, who thought of her as a lost daughter. Georgina gave birth to only one child- Selina, who was to become the much-feared bounty hunter turned pirate Lady Luck.

Physical attributes: slim build, long blonde hair in a Victorian style, long neck, blue eyes.

Jonathan Sopgate- The renowned paper merchant and second son of ruined slave trader Victor Sopgate. Growing up in extreme poverty he became obsessed with seeking money (though never to the extent of dishonesty). When he married Lena Shearborne he threw every cent of his earnings into keeping her and their daughter comfortable.

When the Seven Swords war began he lost several of his prominent customers and was virtually ruined in the course of a single week (know in commercial history as Debtor’s Week due to all the businesses going under).

Forced to sell the family home and all the luxuries bought over the period, Jonathan lived in hiding from the collectors with his wife in the back of an abandoned shop for six months (his daughter left to marry), but they were saved from goal and the workhouse at the last moment by the death of a distant cousin, who left everything to him in her will. Looks like Edgar Allen Poe, Alex Winter with dark hair.

Obsidian Fonte- Blacksmith and local hero for social justice. Obsidian was an intimidating man to look at, standing almost seven feet tall and very broad in the shoulders. He was of Moorish origin and his dark tattooed skin, deep accent and long dreadlocks only added to his frightening appearance, as did the many scars inflicted during his career.

Local lore attributed all kinds of tall tale associations to him- from being a returned soldier from the Battle of Bloodwolf Hill (where he allegedly killed Bloodwolves with his bare hands) to being the lover of ‘Mother’ Meg Cutlass (the legendary pirate queen), to the Head Smithy at Bellarc Castle. Obsidian laughs off these tales with good nature, though does nothing to dispute them.

He had reluctance for taking on an apprentice all his life- preferring to work alone, but Henry Barberry was able to convince him to do so in his later years, when the toll of life was becoming evident and the Seven Swords war gave high demand for weaponry. Obsidian made Elludia’s first sword on her first year as a pirate on the Silver Sea, some say as a favour to Mother Meg.

Physical attributes- Very tall, broad shouldered, muscular, dark brown skin, long thick dreadlocks with occasional silver bands, tattoos on face and hands, a lot of scars, deep voice.

Cazar Diego- Bounty Hunter best known for his pursuit of his lost sweetheart, Selina Barberry.

Physical Attributes: Tall, dark olive skin, black shoulder length hair. Pointed face, goatee beard. Has a 'quick' look about him.

‘Mother’ Meg Cutlass– Infamous pirate queen of almost mythological proportions. Meg was born Penelope Margaret Sandringham, daughter to a family of high society living in Russia. Stolen as a toddler by a childless beggar woman on the streets, she was raised by a group of Bards who had found her under a bush in the forest- the beggar woman had placed her there to be safe from the Bloodwolves who attacked and killed her. She spoke only one word- her nickname Meg.

The bards taught her their trade and she lived with them until they were tired of travelling. They took to living in a tree house in the Apple Forest while a teenage Meg picked pockets and cheated unsuspecting men out of their gold until the Bards had enough to survive their winter years. Meg then left them and joined the pirate Gin Maloney where she gained the name “Mother Cutlass” in honour of her natural maternal skills and talent with a short sword. Soon enough she was able to afford her own ship, which she called the Royal Blood in honour of those she intended to make a living off of.

Her adventures have given rise to many unauthorised stories of wonder around tavern fires, but Meg claims the stories are a tribute to her nature, not her actions, and keep her adopted families skill alive, so she does not dispute them. Some of the stories include that she is 400 years old, the first woman to captain a male crew, the killer of the original Queen of the Bloodwolves (Kantika), turned down repeated offers of marriage from the Emperor Feng (despotic ruler of Lin Chow City), finder of Murkstone the underwater city of the merpeople and most outrageously, the woman responsible for the Babylon Kiss.

Physical Attributes- short build, muscular, flaming red hair to her shoulders. Alot of tattoos everywhere, on her face, hands, arms, feet. Barely ever wears shoes.

Babylon Kiss- Mythological history explaining the origins of the peace pact between humans and dragons. Legend holds that the King of Dragons once agreed to spare the lives of a local village in return for the daughter of the chief.

The pact was made, and the daughter married the Dragon King’s son, bearing him a child, the winged warrior of peace, Cadafare. After 11 years the chief of the village tried to go back on the bargain and reclaim his daughter, but Cadafare stemmed the growing hostilities by offering himself as a sacrifice, in the hope that his blood would be the last ever spilt between man and dragon. The parties agreed, though Cadafare’s mother was heart-broken and abandoned the realm rather than see her only child killed.

On the morning of the sacrifice Cadafare cut his finger on a guard’s sword and the blood fell to the ground. The King of the Dragons (who had regretted the pact) said that the deed had been done- blood had been spilt. Cadafare left to find his mother and man and Dragon have been at peace ever since. It is said that the day Cadafare dies will be signalled by the sudden extinguishing of all the Babylon Flames- a never-ending fire that burns in the heart of every village in the area. On that day, dragons and men will be at war once again.

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[User Picture]From: robes_of_earth
2007-01-21 01:04 am (UTC)
Aww...you make me blush! Thank you so much, I was going for that, I want a real Dickensian feel to this work, mixed with a healthy dose of Conan!

You know something funny, Prescott is George Bush's grandad's name! I thought it was perfect for an over-bearing tyrant. Assuming grandaddy Bush was a tyrant...
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