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Goddess help me, I only ever get to Chapter Three

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(no subject) [Jan. 20th, 2007|07:04 pm]
Goddess help me, I only ever get to Chapter Three

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My God, she updates! Well, I'm trying to make an effort to pay more attention to my non-fandom creative endevours.

Here's a short biographical list of characters and events that I've been working on in regard to a book called An Illustrated History. It centers around two or three different families in a Magic world, and the events that they are involved in. Some entries are short, others longer, depending on how much has come out of my head.

It'll be all sexy bound and full of cool photos and drawings, with shiney bits and fold out maps and all that neat stuff- like the Dragonology etc books, only mine will look more authentic, like something from Flourish and Blotts.

Some notes, if you see any mistakes in here, family tree mix-ups, timeline clashes (if you're that good) etc, please let me know. Oh, and I recently learned (much to my annoyance) that there are already bloodwolves in fandomland, one is a book of that title and one seems to be something to do with WoW. Buggers. I may change it, or I might just leave it and the lawyers can take me on if they have issues.

I'm sure there are other things in here that already exist (feel free to point them out), but I thought of them independantly, so nyeh. Also, feel free to point out anything daggy/cliche etc. I will not hurt thee.

An Illustrated HistoryCollapse )
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Another installment from piratechallenge [Aug. 7th, 2006|04:02 pm]
Goddess help me, I only ever get to Chapter Three

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Title: Victory of the Slain

Author: Penny-Elizabeth

Pairing/Characters: Barbossa (minor Jack)

Word Count: 777 (up the road from the Beast ^_^)

Rating: Well, not G, but not really PG material either.

Summary: A little fleshing out (pardon the pun) on what went through Captain Barbossa’s head in those final terrible moments of the first film (You know I wept).

Disclaimer: Mouse owns, I only lust.

Spoilers: Only to those who haven't yet 'got around' to seeing the films. To whom I say: 'move yer bloomin' arse!'

Notes: I hope I’ve done what I wanted to in this- I pretty much just built up a scenario around one expression and the information given during his dinner with Elizabeth.

I always loved a good swordfight.Collapse )
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Pirates of the Carribean [Aug. 3rd, 2006|01:59 am]
Goddess help me, I only ever get to Chapter Three

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Title: In the Spider’s Parlour
Author: Penny Elizabeth
Fandom: Pirates of the Carribean
Pairing/Characters: Barbossa/Tia Dalma
Word Count: 1205
Rating: PG
Summary: A missing moment after Jack leaves the cottage
Disclaimer: The Mouse owns all.
Special Thanks: To Geoffrey Rush for being so damn hot.

Notes: Written last week for piratechallenge, the fic had to contain a candle, a secret and a debt. It was also supposed to have a first time promp, but I'm new to this whole challenge thingie, so I'm not quite sure I got it right. Meh- won third place anyway! I bet I'd have won first if there was slash in it...

Spoilers for Dead Man's Chest

Captain Barbossa grinned to himself - it wasn’t the first time- and he never expected it to be that last- that he would enjoy the fateful twistings and turnings of Jack Sparrows life.Collapse )
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Yay for fandom! [Jul. 28th, 2006|02:14 am]
Goddess help me, I only ever get to Chapter Three

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Fandom: Ghostbusters
Rating: PG
Style: romantic comedy (gah- never thought I'd write of of those)

notes: A not too Mary Sue start to a fic. I love experimenting with Lucy- I made her up one day while tinkering with the 3rd script idea and she has since popped into every GB fic I write!

iron, oak and bluebellsCollapse )
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Imaginary Boy [Jul. 21st, 2006|06:55 pm]
Goddess help me, I only ever get to Chapter Three

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Written when my mind was supposed to be cleaning out the wardrobe. Funny how things things come to you when you're doing something mundane. I was inspired by British children's books from the 1960s and 70s; there were so many of them in that time. I wrote it for the 8-12 age gap; In the ideal world, I'll finsh this, with pictures too.

Any advice/mistake pointing out/criticisms/adorations all welcome.

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